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Reddit personal finance wedding – Do you have plan for celebrating your wedding this year or next year? Wow, it sounds great hearing the word of wedding plan, but have you managed the finance for that plan? Well, it sounds complicated when it comes to the money for wedding. That’s why you need a plan, exactly brilliant plan. 

Tips to Manage Personal Finance Wedding – Reddit

Getting married is a big step for all of us. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare with all the necessities of life for both of you. One of them is finance. You who had been in charge of personal finances, should now organize and share them for 2 people. Of course how to set it will be different. Here will be reviewed some ways if you and your girlfriend have a marriage plan. Check out the following ways!

1.     Separate Your Allocations and Results of Salary Saving

Your salary can be allocated for down paymeny of your apartment or your future home, while your spouse's salary for souvenirs and marriage invitations. In short, both of your salary are allocated for both of these things. Instead of trying to distinguish between profit and loss or who is more successful, you are advised to do this in order to know the details of income and also the expenses you both experience.

2.     Limit Expenditures on Dating

You better limit dating frequency due to saving money for wedding plan. Perhaps this savings does not seem to help finance you and your spouse, but it's actually pretty decent. Think about small expenses beside the wedding itself, such as prewedding photos, and more.

3.     Commitment to Set aside Money Per Month

Not only the expenditure of your activities that should be limited, by saving you can also prepare for a small wedding expenditure. Make a saving in every week in your own piggy bank. The nominal does not have to be too big, but the most important is that you do this activity constantly and continuously.

4.     Installments Buying In Month Period

To prepare for your big day and your spouse, not only by saving and saving money, but you can also start installing things or things that will be used for weddings. In order not to feel too heavy, can be repaid one by one, instead of buying all at once. You and your spouse can repay with for example a month to buy wedding clothes, next month for shoes and jewelry, and so on.

5.     Start Hunting Affordable Furniture

For the furniture of your house and partner in the future, surely you are also dizzy thinking about furniture and decoration to complete it, right? Maybe for the first years you two as a husband and wife, better if you are diligent to see the center of the goods used or vintage. Secondhand furniture does not mean poor quality tough. You can find carefully good stuff at a price that is certainly well below the price of similar furniture in luxury stores.

Prepare Married Needs From Long Time

Thus tips for you and your spouse in managing finances for your marriage. Walk through every step-by-step, month-by-day, and undoubtedly on the wedding day all is complete. Happy living the marriage life! Hope the article of Reddit personal finance wedding may help you to fix your dizziness in managing wedding plan.

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