List of Workers Compensation Insurance Companies

There are lots of companies offered insurance services for various purposes. However, those various purposes sometimes do not include workers compensation in their list of insurance services provided. Thus, this article will mention a list of workers compensation insurance companies to your knowledge in which company provides insurance for employers at large for corporation.

Corporation needs to give their employees facility to cover the possible accident happened while working because of the task they have to be performed. The coverage in medical treatment of injury of working is what we called as workers compensation. To put it simply, it is insurance issued by corporation or the employer for their employees to make sure they have their medical treatment for work injury covered. Corporation needs to arrange this employee insurance which is more common to be known as workers compensation with insurance company.

Three Big Insurance Companies for Workers Compensation

The first on the list of workers compensation insurance companies is the French insurance company, which is AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, or known commonly just by AXA. The insurance company is formerly The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, which were known as The Equitable.
The Equitable than later is acquired in major control by AXA, which was founded in 1859 by Henry Baldwin Hyde. AXA provides diverse in insurance. In personal insurance, AXA provides car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and break down. In business insurance AXA provides many kinds, which the popular four are: public liability, professional indemnity, employers’ liability, and shop insurance.
The second on the list is The Travelers Companies, which is the second largest in US casualty insurance in commercial property. The company is also largest as the third of personal insurance through independent agents. The insurance The Travelers Companies offers falls into three segments: personal insurance, business insurance, bond and specialty insurance.
Workers compensation insurance falls into the business insurance segments. Travelers offers customized workers compensation for three areas: small business workers compensation, public sector workers compensation, and oil & gas workers compensation. The same as AXA, Travelers offers wide choices of insurance for various uses. Ranked back in 2014 by A.M. Best, Travelers is in the first place of Top 25 US Workers Compensation Carriers.
The next is The Hartford Financial Services Group, which is known only by The Hartford. It is US based insurance and investment company which is also part of list by Fortune 500. The list by Fortune 500 means something as it is a magazine that annually compiled to make a list that ranks 500 largest US corporations by the total revenue for their fiscal years.
The Hartford got average rating of 4.8 for their worker compensation insurance. It average rating ranges for various reasons. Those reasons are such as treated me fairly, treated me with compassion, easy to work with, and were responsive and accessible.
There are many insurance companies that provide insurance service in workers compensation. To match which one is the perfect choice for your business or corporation, you need to dissect their worker compensation insurance they offer. Searching list of workers compensation insurance companies made by the trusted and professional source is also a good reference in choosing.

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