Florida Workers Compensation Exemption

The following article will give you follow up on workers compensation, centered solely in Florida Workers Compensation Exemption. If you are an employee who is about to employ several people to work under your business, you need to get to know inside out about the right you must give to your employers. If not, there are high possibilities of your business go under if something unfortunate happen to your employers while you don’t give their rights, or even worse, don’t understand what they are. Workers’ compensation is one of the rights you as an employee have to give to your employers. To know the law and regulation of compensation for workers, you must search on information according to the location of your business, in which state of United States of America it is located. 

Workers Compensation in Short

To put it simply, workers compensation is an insurance given by the employer to their employee to cover the medical cost when an employee is injured. There are lists of business which require registration of workers compensation to the employer. However, this also can be not done but of course there will be another consequence when an employee is injured. The employee can sue for negligence of the employer. Workers compensation have the power to take the employee’s right for suit, or which is known in with the term mandatory relinquishment of right.

Workers Compensation Exemption

While worker compensation is there to ensure that injured worker will be covered for its medical cost, there are also some who prefer to register an insurance coverage out from their company or employer. This is what is called as workers compensation exemption. The exemptions are available for officers of a corporation or members of a company with limited ability. The purpose of registering for exemption is to exclude themselves from the workers compensation laws. Once registered, officers or members such mentioned above, are not employees and will not be recovered for their workers compensation benefits in which is according to the Certificate of Election to be Exempt.

To apply or renew for the exemption from workers’ compensation law, the applicants have to submit a Notice of Election to be Exempt while completed which is done online to Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation. The application of Florida Workers Compensation Exemption can be found in the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation website. The application must be signed personally and have to be reviewed, understood, and acknowledged of the information stated within the workers’ compensation exemption application. Thus, if the application signed by any other person than the applicant, it may be found guilty of a felony of the third degree.
To apply for Florida Workers Compensation Exemption, you must to choose one of industry types, which are construction and non-construction. Both industry types are provided each page to explain the whole exemption condition before you applying for the form, which included eligibility information and Limited Liability Company (LLC). If you are not sure in which your corporation falls into which types, you can call National Council on Compensation Insurance’s hotline.

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