Division of Workers Compensation Florida

Each state has its own jurisdiction on managing the workers compensation law. This jurisdiction resulted in the governmental organization that exists in each state to handle such matter related to workers compensation.  Division of workers compensation Florida is one example to such organization. This is the division who attends and handles the matters related to employers’ insurance.
Every state in US has its own law and rules regarding the enacted law of workers compensation. Workers compensation law has been enacted throughout the country. However, the initial workers compensation in US was not applied to all of US states. The first statewide workers compensation law was passed in Maryland in 1902. As we all know now, all of US states has its own workers compensation law. 

Division of FLDFS that Manages Workers Compensation

Division of workers compensation Florida is a part of a largest organization, which is Florida Department of Financial Services (FLDFS). The organization is headquartered in Tallahassee. In 2002, the Florida Legislature decided to merge Treasury and State Fire Marshal, the Department of Banking and Finance, and the Department of Insurance into one department, which is now we know and called FLDFS, Florida Department of Financial Services.
The department is led by what is called as CFO, Chief Financial Officer of Florida. The CFO is elected statewide in the period of four year term. The work of CFO is assisted by two Deputy Chief Financial Officers and a Chief of Staff. FLDFS has up to 14 functional divisions, which perform the work of the Department and 7 offices which assist the CFO in managing the Department and fulfilling the CFO’s responsibilities.
The FLDS divisions are Accounting and Auditing Division, Administration Division, Consumer Services Division, Funeral, Cemetery, & Consumer Services Division, Information Systems Division, Insurance Agent and Agency Services Division, Insurance Fraud Division, Legal Services Division, Rehabilitation and Liquidation Division, Risk Management Division, Treasury Division, State Fire Marshal Division, Workers Compensation Division, Cabinet Affairs Office, Chief of Staff Office, External Affairs Office, Inspector General Office, Insurance Consumer Advocate Office, Legislative Affairs Office, Strategic Planning Office, and Public Assistance Fraud. 

The Function of the Division

The objective of Division of Workers Compensation Florida is to actively ensure that the self-execution of the workers compensation system by leveraging data to deliver exceptional value. It is also done by educating system participants of their rights and responsibilities regarding workers compensation, and holding participants accountable for fulfilling their obligations. The goal of the division is to ensure that anyone involved or interested in workers compensation system in Florida to be able to have the resources and tools if they need to participate. The division assists injured employee, employers, insurers, and health care providers. The division doesn’t hold responsible for adjusting any claims about workers compensation but the division is a resource to ensure that claims about it are reimbursed and adjusted properly.

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In order to find the resources needed in Division of Workers Compensation Florida, roles involving in workers compensation is expected to be chosen. The site of the division provides five participants involved around workers compensation, which are employers, employees, carriers, providers, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

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