California Workers Compensation Settlement Chart

The same with other states of US, California has its own law about workers compensation. Nonetheless, California helps their employers all around the state by making a California workers compensation settlement chart. The chart therefore, will help to give a rough idea, the outline of how workers compensation claim goes. 
Workers compensation is a right that is got by employer for their employees. The function is to help injured employees whose accident is happen while working coverage for the medical treatment. However, claiming workers compensation is sometimes not an easy thing to do. This is especially for those who don’t understand workers compensation law work in their state.
The knowledge and a little know-how about workers compensation is advised for every employees. This is because there often cases where their workers compensation is worth less compared to the injury they have to suffer. Thus why, it will be wise to hire a professional help to claim workers compensation. Although still, knowledge a little about the know-how of workers compensation will not hurt. 

Event Chart of a California Workers Compensation Claim

In order to arrive to the California workers compensation settlement chart point, the whole event of the claim needs to be understood. Therefore, it will be explained through ordered manner of events.
First, it needs to be understood that workers compensation only covers for an injury which needs require more than first aid and one follow up visit for its treatment. The injury also has to be occurred while employee is doing work for the employer. After injured, injured employee files claim form and then sees doctor (primary treating physician) to get treatment or medical attention.
The claim is accepted within 14 days and if not then it is put on delay while the claim is being investigated. The claim’s condition, whether it is accepted or denied, must be decided within 90 days.

Medical treatment that costs up to $10,000 is provided by the insurer, in this case the third-party insurance company, until the claim is denied. There is no limit on the costs of medical treatment for claim that is accepted. However, all medical treatment requests are subjects to an approval process.
The next is injured employee receiving disability check within 14 days if the doctor treating the injured employee certifies that the employee is temporarily disabled totally. For temporary partial disability, employer can provide light duty work within the employee’ work restrictions which is of course has to be supervised by the doctor. Injured employee continues treatment with the assigned treating physician or doctor until the doctor recommended all treatment is completed thus later will be declared permanent and stationary.
Injured worker attends Agreed Medical Evaluation or a Panel Qualified Medical Evaluation. The evaluation report is therefore reviewed and adjusted to determine percentage of disability based on the medical impairment which is all determined by the evaluation. Last, this is the point of where California workers compensation settlement chart. Settlement demand is made and negotiations begin. After a settlement is met, case is finally closed.

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