Top Largest Health Insurance Companies in the Worldwide

In this world, finding the largest health insurance companies is easy. Each insurance company will have their characteristic and policies. Of course, the policies will be different depending on the country, area, and terms. As known, health insurance is one of the most important coverages that you must buy.

Health insurance does not only cover the medical coverage but also all things in relation. Getting more benefits will be also available to take the health insurance. Now, where are you living? Have you found the largest health insurance companies in the world? Here is the review about it.

Top 4 Largest Health Insurance Companies 2016

We are going to offer the top 3 largest health insurance companies during 2016. They are the most famous companies with great coverage and policy.

1.     HCSC (Health Care Service Corp)

HCSC is the largest and greatest health coverage company located in the US. This corporation consists of some health insurance subsidiary and its customers. Originally, this insurance may not only include the medical coverage. This is more than only the medical check or coverage but also providing subsidiary fully owned, disability, offers dental, and also life plans.

2.     Zurich Insurance Group

This Zurich insurance is actually located in the Switzerland global company. The Zurich group consists of some subsidiary insurance companies in the world operating over than 170 states or countries. It also provides the excellent services and products. The core of this group includes the global life, farmer insurance, health insurance, and general insurance.

3.     AVIVA

This insurance company is a based-British multinational company. The premium income of this company makes Aviva includes the largest insurance in 2016. It also provides more than 43 million ensures crossing in 21 countries. This company provides the health coverage with unique benefits to take in some countries. It also provides the benefits likely treatment for neck and back injury, nurse-on-call, and screening available for many diseases.

4.     AXA company

This company belongs to the great insurance Medicare and Medicaid that provides more benefits and products. You can sign for the health insurance, life insurance, saving, and other kinds of services. Revenue by more than 70 million people with $161.2 billion revenue, this AXA is recommended to be the largest one.

Best 4 Largest Health Insurance Companies by Membership

Many providers of the health insurances exist in this world. However, when you want to know the top lists, you can see the following. The lists ill e rights here the largest health insurance companies by membership.

1.     AXA

AXA has around 102 million people as a customer in about 56 countries in the world. It has the employees around 157,000 people. This company does not only provide medical or health insurance but also life insurance, casualty, asset, and saving insurance. Based on this number, this AXA becomes one of the largest insurance companies in this world.

2.     Blue Cross Blue Shield

This BCBS includes as the largest health insurance for it has more than 100 million insurers in American. This company also administrates the Medicare in many countries and states. Additionally, the BCBS becomes one of the 37 separated health insurance companies and organizations specifically in the US.

3.     UnitedHealth Group

This group Inc. includes as the top list of the largest companies in the term of health insurance. This company consists of two main business platforms. They are the UnitedHealthcare (for the health benefits) and OPtum (for the health service. The company serves around 85 million insurers in the US and other 125 countries in the world. Moreover, in 2015, the report showed that it revenue around $157,1 billion.

4.     WellPoint, Inc.

This insurance company has around 34 million customers or members around the world affiliated with the health plans. Additionally, it has more than seventy million people who insure in it. It makes this WellPoint, Inc. also includes the largest health insurance companies 2016 to this year.

6 Listed Largest Health Insurance Companies by State

Do you think that health insurance is considerable as the largest because of the membership? Well, here we will show you the largest health insurance companies by state. The 3 top lists will be right here.

1.     UnitedHealth Group

This insurance group tends to be one of the largest health insurance companies by states. Some reports claim that this United Health Group has widely market share in around 125 countries in the world. Of course, this company or group provides the services and products to around 700 million insurers in US and more than 13 million in other countries.

2.     WellPoint group (Anthem Inc.)

This company also tends to be the greatest insurance in the world in relation to the market place in the countries. This group spreads in about 82 metro county areas. It becomes a great choice for having the health insurance wherever you are.

3.     AXA

AXA is included in the largest health insurance by state. This company has spread around the world. It has been there in around 56 countries in the world. Besides providing the health insurance, it also offers other coverage likely life insurance and many others.

4.     Blue Cross Blue Shield

Whom does not this group company of health insurance? Being in more than 32 countries, the group always spread widely their existence of the marketplace in the countries. The policy of this group has some differences including the levels of the coverage. 

5.     Highmark

Are you curious with this health insurance company? It tends to be the largest company because it serves in around 42 countries marketplace in the world. This company is competitive with the blue shield or blue cross.

6.     Aviva

This corporation has been widely spreading around the 21 countries, they always spread it to get more marketplace. This is why this Aviva insurance is great to buy in your country.

6 Largest Health Insurance Companies by Covered Lives

Many people in the world use the health insurance to cover their life and medical. On the other hand, numerous companies also offer their coverage product and services. To know what best, we will show you the largest health insurance companies by covered lives.

1.     UnitedHealth Group, Inc.

This UNH tends to be the biggest and largest health insurance copay in the US. However, the company also has been in many country marketplaces. The value is around $155 billion. It offers the services and products through 2-system operation business. The covered lives of this insurance company reach around 70 million people.

2.     Anthem

Anthem is part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Corporation. It was built in 2004. Now, this insurance company has become one of the largest insurance companies in the world seen by covered lives. It covers around $79 billion of the assets in 2015. It has Medicare and Medicaid markets.

3.     Blue Cross Blue Shield

Everybody knows this corporation related to the health insurance. This includes the largest company because it covers more than 100 million people. It also has the separate insurance of health around 37 organizations. 

4.     Zurich Insurance Group

Zurich group is very well known with their healthcare organization. It covers many people in the world in different countries. You will find this insurance in over 170 countries in the world. It reaches more than 60 million insurers people.

5.     UnitedHealthcare

This health care is the biggest one in the US. It covers over 70 million people. It also involves around 750,000 physicians and more than 6,000 hospital in the world. You can choose some choices of the products for individual, group, or senior one.

6.     AXA

Who does not know this AXA? This health insurance provider is an old company created in 1985. AXA is considerable as one of the largest insurance company because it operates in more than 59 countries. This company also employees over 161,000. Exactly, this company covers around 103 million insurers in the worldwide.

Largest Health Insurance Companies in the World

Well, after getting that information, do you know the largest health insurance companies in the world? As one of the important things to cover, health insurance provides more benefits. You may not need to be confusing to choose the one that will provide all easiness in health coverage. You will see what best and largest health insurance around the world is.

1.     Zurich Insurance

This is an insurance group of health with more subsidiaries. It provides the healthcare organizations. The coverage involves the medical care, broken bones, fractures, safeguard, and many other health insurance products. You will find it in more than 120 countries in the world.

2.     Express Scripts

Express Script is the US health insurance company providing the beneficial management services of the integrated pharmacy. It involves not only the people insurers but also some organization such as the Defence department.

3.     United Healthcare

United Healthcare is one of the parts of United Health group that has operated involving more than 7 million people in a short time. This is considerable as the largest one in the US. This insurance can cover the Medicaid and Medicare to get the beneficiaries.

4.     Aviva

Considerable as one of the largest insurance in the world, this Aviva covers more than 43 million people in the world. Additionally, this has great premium service and product to buy. Offered in more than 21 countries, this insurance also gives the unique benefits.

5.     AXA

AXA will be always become one of the insurance companies with the largest consideration. The main provider is in the United Kingdom. However, now this insurance has spread around the worldwide. 

6.     Blue Cross Blue Shield

The corporation from Blue Cross Blue Shield covers in more than 37 separate organization of the health insurance. It covers over than 100 million people in America. Additionally, you can also get the data of the customer around the world. This BCBS also becomes the administrator of the insurance providers in the world in relation to the Medicare products.

7.     Allianz

This is also considerable as one of the largest company in the world. It comes with high-recommended international health coverage. You can reach this insurance everywhere and the process is very easy only in 48 hours. 

Largest Health Insurance Companies by Revenue

When choosing the large health insurance company, the conglomerates will see the numbers of its revenue. It relates to the corporation generating the interest of the insurance subsidiaries. Here are the top health insurance companies with the highest revenue.

1.     Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway was created in 1889 that covers some insurance companies. The affiliates and subsidiaries of this company are included in the GEICO Corporation. The revenue is around $194.7 billion and it is considerably as the best profitable health insurance.

2.     AXA

AXA insurance is always popular around the world. This company revenue recorded is about $161,2 billion. It makes as the most profitable health insurance. Found in 1817, this AXA emerged to be a great insurance company covering the various products such as health, life, savings, retirement, investigation, and others. 

3.     Allianz

Allianz is considerable as the 3rd profitable insurance company in the multi-international coverage. It generates the revenue around $136.8 billion. You can find this multi-national company in more than 70 countries in the world. It has also employees more than 142,000 people.

4.     Japan Post Holdings

This insurance has several subsidiaries in the other insurance or bank corporation. Generating the revenue $129,7 billion, it claims to be the fourth best insurance in the world with great revenue.

5.     More companies

There also numbers of the largest health insurance companies that have gadgets revenue. They are the Assicurazioni Generali having around $118.9 billion. Then, Prudential plc in the United Kingdom has revenue of around $99 billion. Followed by China Life Insurance, it comes with the revenue $87.2 billion.
Now, this time is for looking at the data list of each top largest health insurance based on each characteristics. You can see some high or big health insurance always becomes one of the largest likely the BCBS, UnitedHealth, AXA, Allianz, and much more. This is your time to know more about the largest health insurance companies in the worldwide.

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