Geoblue Travel Insurance for safer traveling

GeoBlue travel insurance is the international insurance products providing the worldwide medical plans. It is part of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association which has independent licensee. Taking advantage of this insurance makes your mind be in peace while you are traveling around the world. Here we would present you the information about this kind of travel health insurance to add your understanding.

About GeoBlue Travel Insurance

As mentioned above, GeoBlue Travel Insurance is a part of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association that provides international health insurance services located in U.S. It has been dedicated since 1997 and cooperated with the hospitals of almost countries in the world. It offers medical plans for short-term and long-term that cover single, family or even group for vacation, business, or living. The medical coverage is for the healthcare either emergency or not. The mobile technology is developed to facilitate the customers in accessing.

General Plans of GeoBlue Travel Insurance 

The general plans of GeoBlue Travel Insurance are divided into three categories. The following are the description of each.


The first and most basic travel plan offered by Geoblue is voyager. It is suitable for single trip maximally for six months long. The medical coverage includes basic health care, emergency care, mental health care, and also the transportation when the emergency is needed. Voyager plan is divided into 2 categories, voyage choice and voyage essential. The cost of this plan is depending on age, coverage, and travel length. The range cost is $1,000,000.


You are an adventurer? This Trekker plan offered by GeoBlue Travel Insurance is suitable for accompanying your adventure in any destination in the world. This plan covers multiple trips over the world for 12 month long. It means you have the unlimited destinations to visit within the period. There are two types of trekker plan. Trekker Choice needs $250,000 and Trekker Essential needs $50,000 for medical costs. The age factor can influence the cost.


The last type plan offered by GeoBlue Travel Insurance is Xplorer. It is suitable for you who need to live abroad more than a year. It is the most comprehensive travel medical insurance that covers basic health care, surgery, contraception, mental health, etc. There are two kind of Xplorer plan: Xplore Essential and Xplore Select. The cost depends on the coverage you select. You need to buy this travel insurance product before you go to the destined country.

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