All about Travelers Insurance workers compensation

To have employees protected is the mandatory for all the company almost in over the world. It is ruled by the common law that company must give the protection when the unexpected things happen on the job. Travelers insurance workers compensation is a product released by Travelers Insurance company that provides the service your company need. Here, we are going to serve you the information about its insurance company.

About Travelers Insurance

Before we talk about travelers insurance worker compensation, it is better to know the profile about it company first. Travelers Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies in the US in the field of property and casualty. J.G Baterson is the person that found this company. Originally, it only focused on providing the insurance for travelers that used trains and steamboat for traveling around the country. At that time, no many insurance companies that want to insure that risky coverage.

Then, the company expanded by providing the insurance for domestic or abroad travelers. It becomes a leader of insurance company because of its longer experiences. Besides, many innovations are also available such seen from the launched products. Until now, it has more than 30,000 employees that operate in several countries like U.S, U.K, Brazil, Ireland, and Canada. The operating CEO now is Jay. S. Fishman in the headquarter office in New York City.

There are three main categories of the insurance products released by Travelers Insurance. The first is individual insurance that covers homeowner, flood, renters, wedding and private events, identity fraud protection, and more. The second business insurance includes business owner’s policy, commercial auto and of course Travelers insurance worker compensation. The last is special risk insurance that covers ocean marine, global product, national property, excess casualty, boiler and machinery, and others.

This Travelers Insurance company has the 73.58 % rating of customers’ satisfaction of company. 74% shows that the customers renew the coverage. For the financial strength, it has excellent rating. It is also obtained A rating of Best Business bureau. In addition, this company provides informative website and mobile application for easy claim and other policy services.

Travelers Insurance workers

About Travelers Insurance Workers Compensation

Travelers Insurance workers compensation provides two main purpose of employee protection. These are medical coverage care and compensation. Medical coverage is to assure the injured employee to get medical care. While compensation, it is a portion of their salary given to the injured employees before returning work. Then, when the employees killed while they are working, it will be any compensate for death benefits and for dependants.

The injuries that are covered by the workers compensation are any of accidents occurs in everywhere as long as the employees work for the company. These can be workplace violence, natural force, terrorist attacks, or the occupational diseases. All the employees will receive the appropriate medical treatment according to what injures they get. The several diagnostics test are also conducted for comprehensive treatment.

What are benefits of Travelers insurance workers compensation for employer?

Actually, the workers compensation is the obligation for a company because every employee has his right to get protection from the company. It is also regulated by national law. Consequently, if the company does not provide that insurance, the injured employees can sue the company to the court. Therefore, Travelers insurance workers compensation comes to facilitate companies in protecting their employees. By its strong financial condition and long experience in insurance industry, Travelers insurance is such a trusted insurance company.

What are Benefits of Travelers Insurance workers compensation for employees?

For the employees that have Travelers Insurance workers compensation from their company, some benefits are available. First, they will get medical care payment that includes surgery, doctor visit, drug prescription, and other needed treatments. Then, they will also get the replacement salary when they are off work. There are two three of compensations – temporary disability compensation, long-term permanent compensation, and death compensation.

For temporary disability, the injured employees will get a portion of their wage for several periods until they return work. Then, when the accident causes the employees cannot work at all, they are eligible to receive the permanent disability compensation. Last, if the employees are passed away while working, the death compensation will be given to survive their dependants.

Travelers Insurance workers

How to reduce premium cost of travelers insurance workers compensation

For the company that insures the employees by taking advantage of corkers compensation may need to have lower premiums. Actually, there are some steps for the company to reduce the payment for Travelers insurance workers compensation. The following are the points.

Managing the risk

Managing risk is significantly able to decrease the premium. Here, the company needs to provide the accident prevention. The safety committee should be set up to make the safe working procedure and to deal with the unsafely condition of workplace. Usually, it is also regulated by state law. However, if there is no law that regulates the safety working environment, the company should be initiative.

Increasing deductible

Deductible allow your company get a sharing risk with Travelers insurance workers compensation. It can encourage the company for greater safety of employees.

How to file a claim to Travelers insurance worker compensation

Travelers Insurance workers compensation accepts the claim by online or phone. The website provides information guide to handle both reporting and processing the claims. The easy-to-read format facilitates the policyholder in making a claim or getting other information. Moreover, the satisfaction rating for the claim, Travelers insurance gets 3 out of 5 stars. It means the satisfaction of reporting a claim is still higher than the complaint level. For the leading insurance company that has been operated for more 50 years, Travelers insurance can serve its best services.

In short, Travelers insurance workers compensation is definitely beneficial ether for the employer or the employees. As the experienced insurance company, Travelers insurance is such a trusted company providing the best service even there is still any complaints. Overall, this insurance company is worth it for the employer actually.

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