What is Travel Insured International?

As you may suppose from its name, travel insured international is a trade name for travel insurance with international service. It offers the protections of your overseas trips. Thus, you no need to worry about the risks you may face during your trip. Here, we would like to talk about the profile, coverage, and other info of this travel insurance product.

Profile of Travel Insured International

The Travel Insured International offers the worldwide protection for any kinds of travelers with high quality services. It covers medical plan, cancellation, interruption, travel delay, baggage loss, etc. It is also a member of US Travel Insurance Association, so this international insurance is trusted. It has been founded in 1994, make this company has many experiences. It may come as a consideration for the pre-policyholder in choosing the travel insurance.

To build the close interaction with the customers, this company also develops live chat to answer questions from the customers directly. Then, the website is also easy to use where it provides easy-to-read format. The customers can get the quote and know the plans through its website. All is done to provide the better service for the customers and satisfy them.

The Plans offered by Travel Insured International

There are two kinds of plans offered by Travel Insured International—Package plan and specialty plan. Each plan has some categories to fulfill the need of any kind of customers. Here are the descriptions.

Package plan

Package plane is subdivided into three types. First is worldwide trip protector that is most popular one. This is such kind of comprehensive plan that will protect you from any loses during vacation. It includes health care protection, financial security, and any other benefits. Then, when you bring your kids under 18 years old, there is no extra charge. Also, the benefits are offered in adequate coverage limits.

The second is worldwide trip protector plus plan. This plan provide the medical coverage plus evacuation either natural disaster or political evacuation. Then, it also equipped by car rental insurance when in your trip you rent a car. The last is trip protector lite that is the essential protection for broad trip risk. A child brought by insured adult is free from cost. This plan is suitable for family traveling on a budget because the price is reasonable enough.

Specialty plan

Specialty plan includes airline ticket protector which offers the expensive protection. It is non-refundable ticket of airline that also covers trip cancelation, interruption, baggage loss coverage, and other expected benefits. This plan is suitable for you who want pre-paid trip.

Best Parts of Travel Insured International

There are some highlights offered by Travel Insured International. First, the service includes emergency cash, shopping assistance, translation service and many more. Second, it covers the trip cancellation reasons include traffic accidents, disaster, terrorist attacks, etc. Then, when you purchase package plan, some assistant service like drug prescription, passport replacement and also visa service are available. Therefore, its complete and comprehensive services will make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable.

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