Ways to get Expedia Travel insurance

Having peace in mind while you are traveling definitely makes your travel goes happily and comfortably. Thus, travel insurance comes as the solution. Expedia travel insurance provides the protection for the unexpected things while you travel. Here we will explain about the ways in getting the travel insurance of Expedia.

Types of Expedia Travel Insurance

Before going to apply or get the Expedia travel insurance, you need to know the types of the plans that are available. Then, you can choose any types that are suitable with your need. Here are the explanations.

Expedia package protection plan

This type of insurance is suitable for vacation package that consists of hotel booking and also flight. It can protect before, during, or after your vacation. This package can cover the cancellation or changing the flight schedule in any reason or flight delay. Then, it also covers the payment of medical bills, baggage coverage, and emergency or basic health care.

Expedia vacation waiver

This plan just covers the flight cancellation or flight schedule change. Thus, whether you can make the flight or not, you no need to worry about what happen next. This one of Expedia travel insurance can be used one time only and you can change the flight for any reasons. Moreover, you no need to manage the payment on the change or cancellation of airline because Expedia will manage it. The credit will be also given to you for the next flight but only for same airline.

Expedia total protection plan

This plan covers the complete protection including medical, emergencies, and baggage coverage. Any cancellation or changing schedule flight will be compensated but only for certified doctors. Then, it also provides the baggage from any damage, loss, or delay. You can take advantage of emergency payment bill if there is any emergency accident. For giving best service, 27/7 customer care is available.

Cruise travel protection

This plan is specially offered by Expedia travel insurance when you have any travel by using cruise. The protection involves the cancellation of cruise if you have health emergency or the cruise is delayed. Then, it also covers the protection of your luggage from any loss or damage and the emergency payment of medical bills.

Car rental plan

If you take advantage of car rental during your vacation, car rental plan is provided to protect the risks of accident. The accident may be by natural disaster or any kind of accidents caused except by your fault. This plan can be bought before the day you are going to go to trip.

Ways to get Expedia Travel insurance

To get Expedia travel insurance, you need to access its website expedia.com. There, you are able to book for the flight, vacation, car rental and cruise. There are many windows with each category. All you need is to choose the item you will book. Finally, there will any screen that asks for insurance of protection plan. You can add the plan if you want its protection. You are required to put the billing information and email address for confirmation. Last, click the bottom complete booking.

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