Travel Insurance in Canada for Visitors: Individual and Family

Travel insurance in Canada for visitors. Are you planning to go traveling to Canada for a long time? Maybe you just want to stay for a short holiday in Canada. Here we are going to give information about travel insurance coverage in Canada for the visitor that you have to know.

Unlike Canadian residents, those people who are coming for other country are not covered by any insurance plans if something bad such as illness or an accident happens. Therefore, it is very good for you to have travel insurance if you are going to bring some people or maybe a whole family there. Here are the travel insurance plans in Canada that you can choose.

Individual Travel Insurance Plans in Canada

You must consider some points before applying for travel insurance in Canada for visitors. As we know that travel, insurance in Canada allow you to cover several medical protection during a stay in the Canada. Those insurance are a diagnostic test, hospital stays, physician services, prescription drugs, and more unexpected accidentals. On the other hand, you can also secure non-medical expense such as delay, stolen luggage, unforeseen accommodation for an unexpected accident, and more.

As a person who will visit Canada, you can choose an individual coverage or family coverage. It includes the medical travel insurance Canada for visitors. There are slightly different things between both insurances coverage. For individual coverage, you can use it in 7 days in minimum up to 365 days maximum to stay. The plans also depend on how old the people who will apply.

Family Coverage Travel Insurance Plans

The second option is a family coverage travel insurance plans. It allows 2-7 people who traveling together to get travel insurance in Canada for visitors. There is also a minimum age for applying system. Usually, all family members must be 59 years of age or younger and premium calculated based on the two oldest travelers. The minimum and maximum days to stay is same with an individual traveler.

Every travel insurance agency has their coverage, terms, limitations, conditions, exclusions and termination provision for the insurance. However, it is better for you to read and fully understand what they are offered before apply a travel insurance for in Canada. You can compare every travel insurance which suitable for your needs and money.

Be careful with every step of plans, especially for you who will stay in or more than 12 months in Canada. Do not forget about a Visa Program that can influence your travel insurance for staying in Canada in a long time. This travel insurance in Canada for visitors will prepare your traveling safely and healthily.

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